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New Students

Enrolling is only 3 easy steps!

Step 1: Click "Step 1" to request an consultation. We accept all levels of playing ability, from absolute beginner to advanced.

Step 2: If accepted for enrollment, click "Step 2" to register.

Step 3: Read our Policies and FAQ below, then you're all done! 



Click the PDF icon to view our policies



    • Students may enroll anytime throughout the year and lessons may be discontinued anytime with 30 days notice.

    • Monthly tuition installments are based on a payment plan/lesson package and are NOT for lessons each month due to attendance flexibility (see below or policies).

    • After the Course End date, the student forfeits all lessons not completed by that date. You either have 10-months from Sep - June to complete 36 lessons (10 monthly-payments for the School-Year Plan) or 12-months to complete 45 lessons (12 monthly-payments).

    • If a student finishes all lessons in their package early (1 or 2 months before the Course End date) before making the final tuition installment, they will be required to still pay all remaining tuition installments, in addition to the new course payment when their package auto-renews.

1) I have a question.

Answer: Click the PDF and read our Policies for more information. If you are still unable to find the answer, please give us a call or send an email. 

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