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  • All instruments share the same course pricing.

  • We offer more flexibility on scheduling, rescheduling, and personalized vacation times.

  • No annual/semester enrollment obligations, no annual registration, no hassle. 

*The Master Teacher Mentorship is only offered for Piano Students.

*Listed rates below are based on Automated ACH withdrawal and the 12-month plan. 

All FCM Policies, Operations, Courses, and services are protected & registered by the Copyright Office

Youth Course

Focuses on fundamentals of chosen instrument. 

  • Includes Custom-Tailored Lessons for ages 17 & under

  • 2 Recitals


Adult Course

Exclusive program structure protected & registered by copyright office.

Adult-oriented curriculum with social and chamber music opportunities. Adults have a different learning process from children, which requires a different teaching process that's unique to ages 18+.  

  • Includes Custom-Tailored Lessons for ages 18+

  • 2 Adult-Only Soirées


Enrichment Course

Exclusive program structure protected & registered by copyright office.

Academically focused learning for deeper music appreciation, chamber music, and an emphasis on diverse curriculum

  • Includes Custom-Tailored Lessons for all ages. 

  • 2 Recitals (Ages 18 and under)

  • 4 Course Events to choose from:

    • Masterclasses

    • Chamber Music (students receive professional coaching on how to perform as a group/ensemble with musicians at a similar level)

    • Creative Workshops

    • Lecture-Recitals

    • Performance Classes (Ages 17 & under) / Soirées (Ages 18+)

    • Competitions


Master Teacher

Custom-tailored weekly lessons with our FCM Master Teachers who have over 15 years teaching-experience, an advanced degree (PhD or DMA), a teaching-lineage pedigree directly back to famous composers such as Beethoven, or have taught as faculty at Universities for 8 years or more. 

Hammers and Keys
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