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Prof. Scott Shuman

Scott Shuman is a Grammy Winning Audio Engineer, accomplished Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer, Technical Director, and Sound Designer. He majored in Music Production at Lake Forest College, then moved to St. Louis where he was mentored by Mississippi Blues legend Henry Townsend. He has also worked extensively with Grammy Awarded recording engineer/producer Paul Grupp. With over 47 years experience, he saw the transition from analog to digital and has amassed incredible knowledge of both the music and television industry. After producing a TV show "Mhz Presents", he received the Lilly Film Maker's Award for best music soundtrack and the show won an Emmy for best technical direction. 

Starting back in 1976, he worked at a small studio in Chicago, then apprenticed at Willow Mill studio. He then started his own recording business in 1991. By 1998, his quality and work ethic had led him to win a contract for digital remastering exclusively with Time Warner. This opened the door to working closely with the major record labels including Universal, Sony, Warner, and EMI. Scott provided production masters for pressing of an average of 50,000 units and over 1,500 masters for worldwide distribution. Later that year, Scott recorded Steppin' Fast for Squeeze Bayou, which won the prestigious 'Prix Dehors de Nous' Award from the Cajun French Music Association.
In 2002, he began live mixing for several music television programs for Commonwealth Broadcasting, working with national and international artists such as Chick Correa, BR549, etc. In 2004, his work made Billboard #4 for Jazz for Lovers. He moved up from the audio console to television Producer in 2005, and creating and producing over 6 seasons of over 60 shows for broadcast. In 2006, he received the WAMA Award for Best traditional Folk Music Recording. In 2007, became certified in Final Cut Pro and began editing for Exuberant TV as well as Commonwealth Broadcasting, Creating several series' for PBS distribution as well as 15/30 second promos, and interstitials for broadcast. By 2008, he became a partner in Front Row Digital TV and constructed an HD TV studio, a mobile HD studio with Audio mixing,  producing 3 seasons of "BBs Presents The Best of the Blues: Live From St Louis." He created and authored CDs/DVDs for the Blues series and Produced 2 seasons of a music series called "Spotlight". 

He won at the 2008 at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards for producing, engineering and mastering "The Last of the Great Mississippi Delta Bluesmen". He also won the Grafton Music Association's Best Production of 2008. As a performing guitarist, his original music has appeared on the Pacifica network, numerous radio stations across the United States, and he toured extensively with his band and Henry Townsend

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